Lectures 21, 22, 23 & 24...     "Central Dogma of Molecular Biology"

            Class lecture links    -->    Molecular Genetics*    and    Genomics*      

            How Molecular Geneticists Actually do Experiments:

                 70th DNA Anniversary Essay about R. Franklin's Role and Photo51

                 The CRISPR-Cas9 Story  - the dawn of gene editing.

                 The Sars-CoV2 Pandemic Story   - The dawn of mRNA vaccines.  
                      Katalin Kariko & Drew Weissman and mRNA Vaccine Technology.  
                      Gain of Function Experiments.
Optional - Animations Review Material:
                             DNA Learning Center Biology Animations:            DLC Animations                                           
                                 Mastering Biology BioFlix - Chapter 16:                 DNA Replication
                                 DNA Learning Center:                                             Transcription
                                 DNA Learning Center:                                             Translatiion                        
                          A list of historical events in Molecular genetics   and   Short History of Biotechnology
                               Timeline of History of DNA   and   Human Genome Project   and   BioInformatics

                   A collection of Optional Videos on the Central Dogma...
the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

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