Levels of Biological OrganizationNAS-3 & 17           [REDUCTIONISMNAS-4]
     We have lots of entry points to our study of Life and the Biology of Organisms.

BIOSPHERE...   all the environments of planet Earth that are inhabited by life
(ex: tropical rain forest)                          
biotic factors      =   all organisms living in an area
abiotic factors    =   physical components of environment
community...     all the organisms in the system
population...      all interbreeding individuals of one species

ORGANISM...   an individual living entity         
            organ systems...  circulatory, nervous, respiratory systems, etc
      organ...                  parts of the organ system : brain, spinal cord, nerves
tissue...                  individual groups of similar cells, with specific function
     CELL...  ultimate unit of living matter, bounded by membrane, containing:
                macromolecule...  polymers
of biological molecules...
                  carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids
                molecules...     a cluster of atoms with unique chemical properties
atom...             smallest unit of matter with same atomic number
sub-atomic...      protons, neutrons, electrons (quarks, etc...)


                            c10e.fig 1.3               Biomass by organisms on Earth
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