Human GIS* (Genome Information System)...

   a panoramic view of your biology may change the future of medicine.
             "OME's -  entirety of...  complete or collective set of something.
MYOME...  is the analysis of my medical/social history
exposome - is your living environment
      exome - the exon portion of your genome
      epigenome - is the side chain modification of your DNA that changes the exome
      microbiome - microoorganism makeup of your body (10,000 species & 8 mil genes)
                            you are 9 parts microbe and 1 part human based on # of cells present
      metabolome - total # of metabolites present in you
      proteome -  your entire protein complement
      transcriptome - total of all your mRNA molecules (exome - your exon expressed)
      genome - your total genetic makeup
      imaginome - all your medical images: X-rays, MRI's, CAT scans, etc...
      medicalome -
your medical demographics:
      biosensorome - fitbit, apple watch, ingested data collection devices
      socialome -  friends, family, likes, dislikes, videos, etc
can provide a detailed snapshot of your total biology... is a medical trocorder the future of medicine?

                                                  medical tricorder                                                
 back     from: Individualized Medicine from prewomb to tomb. Cell 157:241-53 (2014) by E. Topol